• E-beam Evaporater

    The E- beam deposition system is a custom build system in a long throw configuration with 4 pockets (6cc/pocket) for sequential evaporation of various materials. The system can accept both 3(5 at a time) and 4-inch(4 at time) substrates.

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  • MRC 8667

    MRC 8667 is an automated cylindrical chamber R&D batch sputtering systems feature horizontal "Sputter Down" mode of sputtering in three target positions, DC magnetron, RF magnetron mode capabilities at each target position. A circular rotating water-cooled annular substrate table is capable of being RF Biased for substrate RF sputter etching.. A main circular rotating shutter is utilized to prevent contamination between adjacent targets and a separate paddle shutter is present to safe guard the heater or forth target from being sputtered or etched upon. Contact staff for available targets.

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  • Perkin Elmer 2400

    The Perkin-Elmer 2400 system is three target magnetron-sputtering system with capability of performing sequential deposition from DC magnetron, RF magnetron and conventional RF cathodes. Metals and dielectrics can be deposited at higher rates while maintaining low substrate temperature in both RF and DC magnetron deposition modes. The rotating substrate allows for single pass or multi-pass capability with servo-match automatic turning for achieving high uniformity of the deposited materials.

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  • Savannah ALD

    The Savannah 100 is an atomic layer deposition (ALD) tool used for growing conformal layers of thin films, atomic layer by layer. This tool can handle small pieces up to 4" wafers.

    Precursors for growing HfO2, ZrO2, TiO2 and Al2O3 are available.

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  • SCS Parylene Coating

    The SCS Parylene deposition system is capable of applying conformal coating of Parylene with thickness ranging from a few hundred nanometers up to 75 microns. These Parylene coatings are inert and biocompatible and have excellent moisture, chemical and dielectric barrier properties and used for coating components such as circuit boards, sensors, wafers, medical devices, MEMS and elastomeric components. It can accept chips and wafers as large as 6 inch (can accept 12 wafers/per process) for processing.

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  • Sputter Coater

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  • Thermal Evaporater

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Fab Notices

  • Oxford Plasma Lab System

    The Oxford Plasma Lab system will be down for parts replacement purposes. Updates as to when the equipment will be back online will be posted shortly.

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  • Thermal Evaporator

    The Thermal Evaporator will be down approximately until December 11th, 2017 for repair of the cryopump. Further updates will be posted on the website.

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    1. Congratulations to the members of the Advanced Manufacturing, Energy Storage, and Multifunctional Materials group for publishing "Stable and Aligne

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