• Carl Zeiss 1540

    Carl Zeiss 1540 cross beam system uses a focus ion beam with gallium metal ion beam source for nanoscale patterning and sculpting. Materials can be milled or deposited while observing the evolution of the surface topography feature of the specimen with ion beam stimulated secondary electrons. Additionally, a highly focused electron column provides the capabilities for high spatial resolution secondary electron imaging as well as backscattered electron imaging for sub-micron depth characterization. The system comes with five gas injector system for ion beam deposition of metals or insulators and for enhanced etching. A resolution of 5nm and 1.1 nm can be achieved with the FIB and SEM columns. The system is also equipped with active vibration isolation and field cancellation system.

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  • J.C. Nabity system

    The Nanometer Pattern Generation System (NPGS) provides a user-friendly environment for the delineation of complex structures using a commercial electron microscope. NPGS is designed to be extremely flexible, yet easy to use. There are three basic steps to the pattern generation process: pattern design, parameter run file creation, and pattern writing with alignment for multilevel lithography. Patterns are created using DesignCAD, which is a commercial computer-aided-design program. Once a pattern is designed, the exposure conditions for the different drawing elements in the pattern are entered into a "Run File". NPGS can be used in a turnkey fashion with minimal user interaction, or the user can have complete control over the pattern writing - even writing patterns that were not called for in the original run file.

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  • Mini Brute Furnace

    Mini brute furnace is a single tube furnace operating at temperature range 400C-1300C and is used for annealing materials with forming gas.

    The tube has a maximum size of 6" OD with a 3 zone controller, uniform heated zone between 400-800C is 10"-12" +/- 1 degree C, uniform heated zone between 400-1300C is 12"-16" +/- 1 degree C.

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  • Quintel 4000 Mask Aligner

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Fab Notices

  • Oxford Plasma Lab System

    The Oxford Plasma Lab system will be down for parts replacement purposes. Updates as to when the equipment will be back online will be posted shortly.

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  • Thermal Evaporator

    The Thermal Evaporator will be down approximately until December 11th, 2017 for repair of the cryopump. Further updates will be posted on the website.

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    1. Congratulations to the members of the Advanced Manufacturing, Energy Storage, and Multifunctional Materials group for publishing "Stable and Aligne

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