-Thin-film stress measurement instrument that measures the changes in the radius of curvature of a wafer caused by the deposition of a stressed thin film.
- Laser scanning to measure stress on all reflecting films.
- Measures and displays stress as a function of time or temperature.
- Comprehensive data analysis capabilities that include trend plotting for statistical process control (SPC) and displaying a 3-D map of wafer deflection over the entire surface.
- Used for calculation of biaxial modulus of elasticity and linear expansion,water diffusion coefficient in dielectric films, linear regression and stress-tempor stress-time gradients.
- Provides analysis of thin film stress with very low measurement noise and allows observation and quantitative evaluation of stress relaxation,oxide densification, thin film phase transformations and annealing.

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Training Contact: Sivasubramanian Somu
Service Contact: Scott McNamara