The EVG610 is a highly flexible R&D system that can handle small substrate pieces and wafers up to 100 mm. The tool supports a variety of standard lithography processes, such as vacuum-, soft-, hard- and proximity exposure mode, as well as other specific applications, including bond alignment, nano imprint lithography (NIL) and micro contact printing. The system offers quick re-tooling with a conversion time of less than one minute, making it ideal for R&D and small-volume production applications.

Substrate size:100mm up to 10 mm thickness
Max. mask size: 5"
Alignment modes:
Top side CCD: Up to ± 0.5 µ m / 3 σ
Bottom side: CCD Camera
Bond alignment: Yes

Vacuum + Hard Contact ≤ 0.8 µm
Hard Contact ≤ 1.5 µm
Soft Contact ≤ 2.0 µm
Proximity ≥ 3.0 µm
Wave length: 350-450 nm (NUV, default)
Mercury arc lamp: 350 W, 500 W
Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL)

Additional Resources

EVG 610 Mask Aligner
Training Contact: Sivasubramanian Somu
Service Contact: Scott McNamara