The Dektak 3ST is a 2D contact profilometer used to provide quantitative information about step heights and surface roughness for thin and thick films measurements. This information is collected and analyzed with the Dektak 3ST software on the computer attached to the system. This machine works well with a wide range of materials except for those that are very soft or break under small amounts of stylus force, it has a range of 1-40mg. It provides the following vertical resolution for the given vertical ranges: 1A/65kA, 10A/655kA, 20A/1310kA. It is equipped with a 2.5um stylus that can measure high-aspect ratio features with greater accuracy. The software application calculates and can export the results of user-selected analytical functions for measuring, step height, surface texture, and other parameters to characterize the profile data.

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Dek-tak 3030/3ST
Training Contact: Sivasubramanian Somu
Service Contact: Scott McNamara