The SUPRA 25 FESEM uses a unique GEMINI field emission column for delivering superb nanometer resolution over the complete accelerating voltage range (100eV-30KeV) thus requiring minimal adjustments over the full operating voltage range. The large 5-axes motorized Cartesian stage is particularly useful for handling a number of smaller specimens simultaneously, as well as 3 4 and 6 inch wafers. It has six electromagnetic apertures capable of delivering probe currents ranging from 25pA-3.4nA. It has annular INLENs detector for clear surface specific imaging and is highly suitable for polymeric materials. It is fitted with a RAITH beam blanker operating at MHz speed and controlled by NABITY system for conducting E-beam lithography. It also houses a PGT SHARA Peltier cooled (cools down in less 5 secs) energy dispersive spectrophotometer for conducting elemental analysis.

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Supra 25 SEM
Training Contact: Sivasubramanian Somu
Service Contact: Scott McNamara