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To take the chemical safety exam please go to

1. To access on line training “ Click Here”
2. Enter your NEU user name and password.
3. Take the exam for “Hazardous communication training /Chemical Hygiene Parts 1 and 2 “
4. Once you have finished the test, it will generate a certificate, which you should forward it to admin (, for approval.

Fab Notices

  • Oxford Plasma Lab System

    The Oxford Plasma Lab system will be down for parts replacement purposes. Updates as to when the equipment will be back online will be posted shortly.

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  • Thermal Evaporator

    The Thermal Evaporator will be down approximately until December 11th, 2017 for repair of the cryopump. Further updates will be posted on the website.

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    1. Congratulations to the members of the Advanced Manufacturing, Energy Storage, and Multifunctional Materials group for publishing "Stable and Aligne

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