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The George J. Kostas Nanoscale Technology and Manufacturing Research Center, established in 2005 through a generous gift from Mr. George J. Kostas (’43), is the primary user facility for micro and nanofabrication at Northeastern University. The 7,000 sq. ft. user facility includes cleanroom space down to Class 10 and houses instruments for micro- and nanofabrication processes and characterization studies, including metrology. Non-cleanroom lab space includes chemical hoods; device-testing areas with a full range of electrical test instruments and design areas.   The facility is open to faculty, students, researchers, coop students, and external users with easy scheduling and access. The facility provides support and materials based on user fees and have capabilities for processing 3, 4, and 6-inch wafers as well as smaller parts at lower cost. Applications range from nanoelectronics, nanodevices, sensors, energy storage, and NEMs to exploration studies in fundamental science and engineering. The facility is supported by highly trained and talented staff with a combined 75 years of fabrication and characterization experience who will assist the users with their process development.   We welcome new researchers from all disciplines who wish to explore the use of micro and nano fabrication and characterization tools in expanding their research portfolio.

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User Fees

4 Point Probe Manual   5.50
Anatech SP-100 Plasma System   27.50
Brewer Spinner   11.00
Carl Zeiss 1540   82.50
Carl Zeiss 1540 Cross Beam   154.00
Clean room access   0.00
Dek-tak 3030/3ST   5.50
Dek-tak 3030/3ST (Clean Room only)   5.50
E-beam Evaporater   33.00
Electrical Probe Station   16.50
Electroplating/Lift Off Bench: Bay 3   0.00
Evatec Clusterline Sputtering tool   125.00
EVG 501 Bonder   55.00
EVG 610 Mask Aligner   49.50
J.C. Nabity system   5.50
KLA-TENCOR FLX-2320   22.00
Laurell Spinner   11.00
LC Technologies Glove Box   27.50
Micro Automation 1006   26.40
MIE wire Bonder   22.00
Mini Brute Furnace   27.50
MRC 8667   27.50
Nanonex NX2000   66.00
Nanospec Spectrophotometer   5.50
Optiphot 200 Fluorescence MicroScope   5.50
Oxford Plasma Lab System   66.00
PANalytical/Philips X'Pert Pro   22.00
Parks Scientific XE7 AFM   38.50
Perkin Elmer 2400   27.50
PGT Shara   5.50
Phoenix Contact angle measurement   5.50
Photo bay   0.00
Pre-diffusion Clean Bench: Bay 1   0.00
Quintel 4000 Mask Aligner   33.00
Savannah ALD   5.50
SCS Parylene Coating   220.00
Sputter Coater   11.00
Supra 25 SEM   44.00
Thermal Evaporater   30.80
Tousimus Critical Point Dryer   27.50
ULVAC NLD-570   66.00
Unaxis PlasmaTherm 790   55.00
UV spectrophotometer   33.00
Veeco Microtech Ion Mill   55.00
Wet Etch Bench: Bay 2   0.00
Woollam ESM- 300 Ellipsometer   22.00
XACTIX e1   22.00
Zygo NuView 6000   22.00
Zyvex Nanomanipulator   55.00

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